Joseph Lumpkin - Soke Shinsei Hapkido
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Joseph Lumpkin has trained in martial arts for 36 years. He is now 52 years old (at the writing of this article in 2007.) He has always loved to work with the youth of the world and considers it a duty to help shape young lives. As the former president of Karate for Christ, Joseph expanded the ministry to include 10,000 members in 26 countries in just six years.

Joseph Lumpkin is the founder of the Shinsei Kwan of Hapkido, and the Shinsei Hapkido Federation. As such he holds the rank of 8th dan in Shinsei Hapkido. He is ranked as a 7th dan with the World Kido Federation, having received WKF rank in November of 2006.

Shinsei Hapkido has a world-wide student base with clinics and classes held throughout the U.S.A. and around the world. Shinsei Hapkido has its Western Headquarters in Alabama and its Eastern Headquarters in Seoul Korea.

Shinsei is a member of the World Kido Fedration, and is recognized by Kang Rhee, Erle Montiague, George Petrotta, Mark Barlow, UMAAI, and many other righly ranked and well known artists.

Joseph Lumpkin's Hapkido training began in the early 1970s under the instruction of Mr. James M. Hiner and his teacher, Master Byung Kyu Park. (For more information on Hapkido lineage see the history page.) After over 30 years of training under various instructors Lumpkin earned a 6th Dan in the art of Hapkido, as well as rounding out his training by earning a 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate and Judo before forming Shinsei Hapkido. After Shinsei was well established and proven the World Kido federation was petitioned for membership and rank.

Joseph Lumpkin countiues his training in Akayama Ryu JuJitsu, under the System's second generation Soke, Mark Barlow where Joseph now holds a 3rd dan. He also trains under Chris Dewey, U.S. Judo coach and a 6th dan in Judo. Training and learning should end only at ones death.

Years of experience in the martial arts, as well as the experience Lumpkin gained as a bounty hunter and law enforcement instructor, have gone into creating Shinsei Hapkido, a practical, effective, well rounded, and well recognized system.