Grandmaster Jedan Figueroa

World Soke Council

The Jedan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu System is also known as "PuertoRican Ju-Jitsu system." It was founded in 1983 at Vega Alta, Puerto Rico by Grandmaster Jedan O. Figueroa. We in Jedan-Ryu (American Ju-Jitsu Academy) provide several study programs design to develop and to transform the conduct by means of the Ju-Jitsu. The system has three areas: Combat Ju-Jitsu, Sport Ju-Jitsu and
Ju-Jitsu/Police Defensive Tactics. Combat Ju-Jitsu includes defensives and ofensives techniques, atemijutsu, aikijujutsu, jujutsu and kobujutsu. This area is a traditional way of practice.

Sport Ju-Jitsu is the competitive version that includes rules and regulations of the competition, it covers: karate, judo and submission.

Police Ju-Jitsu includes: close engagement target acquisition (C.E.T.A), psychology of the combat, defense against weapons, multiples attackers, strategies and tactics. This area is design for police officers and militarists, (Taihojustsu). All this together is Ju-Jitsu Jedan-Ryu