The World Soke / Sokeship Council is dedicated to the brotherhood of the martial arts the membership division is compiling resume of Soke, Grandmasters and Head Founders to be posted. If you feel you meet the stringent requirements of the World Soke Council, please send us your resume and request to join. You will need to send us a short biography to be placed next to your name and system along with a photograph, e mail, contact information, and web site address.


We have had wonderful responses from the Soke and Head Founders we have been in contact with. Please note; we do not have a standard council with a board of directors at this time. We feel that all Soke and Head Founders that are members should have an equal voice in spreading the arts in a positive light, and must rise above the standard to set a new level of honor and excellence. We receive many applications for consideration so please be patient. If you are a 1st degree through 4th or equivalent do not bother sending in your application as it is very doubtful you will be admitted as you need more experience in the arts. Best wishes.
Please be patient if you do not have broad band for the Grandmasters photographs to appear.
Grandmasters Council Members

Dr. Giovani Acevedo Soke- Founder Goju Kempo
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 Jim Alty - Founder of American Kempo JuJitsu. 
James Alty holds 8th Dan in Kempo, 6th Dan in Chinese Kenpo Karate, 3rd  Dan in Yoshitsune JuJitsu, 1st  Dan in Goju-Ryu, 1st Dan in Combat JuJitsu. He is former Chairman of the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. and was inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2000, the International Federation of JuJutsuans 2007 Legion of Honor, receiving the Samurai Award and the Kenpo International Hall of Fame 2009. He is currently teaching 6 days a week at New Horizon Karate.
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Professor Ron Bradbury Soke- Founder American Kenpo Bu-justsu Karate
The System which Professor Bradbury is the Founder and Grandmaster of is American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu, and it is a System of self-offense in which people learn how to end a confrontation. American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu doesn't train with non-lethal techniques, nor does it train to back up after a technique is executed. Students train to attack with the most lethal techniques in their arsenal and to keep attacking until the threat is destroyed.
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David Cooper Soke- Founder American Creative Form Kung Fu
Soke Cooper, MS, a martial artist since 1968, has specialized in non-sport, practical, and lethal techniques for decades. This means defenses against attackers with knives, guns, and clubs as well as larger and stronger opponents intent on extreme harm to your body.  

Grandmaster Jedan Figueroa Soke- Founder Jedan Ryu Jujitsu

Jedan O. Figueroa Ph.D./Soke , Grandmaster 10 degree in Jujitsu is the Director and founder of the American JuJitsu Academy JedanRyu since 1983 , President and founder of Puerto Rico JuJitsu Association since 1991 , President and founder of the International JuJitsu Hall of Fame since 2000.

Kyoshi Dave Degrouchie Soke- Founder Goju Senjutsu
Kyoshi Dave Degrouchie has been training in, and teaching the martial arts for 19 years. He has studied the arts of Jujutsu, Tang Soo Do, Karate and Tai Chi, and is the founder of Bujutsu Okuden Ryu. He has been inducted and nominated into various halls of fame, and has served in an administrative capacity for various worldwide martial arts organizations. He presently holds the grade of Rokudan, and is the founder of the World Budo Alliance. Kyoshi Degrouchie has completed two of his seven volume work in progress series, "Modern Weapons 101", and has put together the Goju-Senjutsu Black belt/Instructor training video program, so that individuals worldwide can learn aspects of his art. Kyoshi Degrouchie has spent the bulk of his time in Budo researching the truths of the Budo physical, and has recently embarked on deeper study into the Budo mental and spiritual path. Kyoshi Degrouchie openly welcomes all individuals regardless of status and grade, to get in touch to discuss theory and findings of Budo.
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Professor Carter Hargrave Soke- Founder American Combat Kempo
Grandmaster Hargrave is the founder of Combat Martial Arts and American Combat Kempo. He is the President of the World Kempo Association,World Jeet Kune Do Federation, and the American Combat Kempo Association. Hargrave is also serves as the grading board chairman for the World Budo Alliance.
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Dan Hausel - Soke Seiyo Shorin-Ryu
7 time hall of fame inductee, a Who's Who in the World, certified black belt in 7 different martial arts, and a professor of martial arts at the University of Wyoming. Four characteristics of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu include: (1) emphasis of positive personality development of the student, (2) maximum focus and power in technique, (3) development of realistic applications for all techniques in the 50 kata taught in the system, and (4) continual evolution of the style
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Hanshi Nimr Hassan - Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo
hassan Menkyo Hanshi Hassan is presently the only surviving student in the continental United States to be taught by Great Grand Master James M. Mitose. He is the only Menkyo Hanshi who teaches the ancient and traditional Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Temple Dance/Escaping Art systems. Menkyo Hanshi Nimr R. Hassan was selected over other candidates to become the ichi deschi" (disciple/only student) of the Great Grand Master. In this position, Menkyo Hanshi Hassan was instructed in the ancient and traditional manner by receiving the secrets from mouth to ear.

Professor Larry Hilton Soke- Founder Nippon Ketsugo Kai
hiltonProfessor Larry Hilton is the Head Founder of the Self Defense System known as Nippon Ketsugo Ryu Ju Jitsu/ Kenpo. This dynamic art was formulated in 1981. Today there are over 2000 martial artist studying this system.
Professor Hilton is a 44 year veteran of the martial arts and is a member of 6 International Hall of Fame Associations.

Stephan F. Kaufman Soke-Founder Hebi-ryu American Karate Budo
Kaufman is the author of The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, The Shogun Scrolls, The Living Tao (all Charles E. Tuttle) and Zen and the Art of Stickfighting (NTC/Contemporary). He is the founder of Life-Force Energy Healingâ and Self-Revealization Acceptance.
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Glen E. Kwan Soke- Founder Genki Do Kempo
untitled In June of 1974, Hanshi Kwan achieved his 1st degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo Karate. In 1974, Soke Kwan moved to Barrie, Ontario, and began teaching what has evolved into Genki-do Kempo Karate, incorporating Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and North American Freestyle Karate. Undoubtedly the evolution of Genkido Kempo was influenced by many of the teachers Soke Kwan trained with, including: Grandmaster Ed Parker (American Kenpo Karate), Soke Steve Reynolds (Jiu-jitsu-kai), Grandmaster Chuck Platten (Hapkido), Sensei Monty Guest (Chito-ryu), Soke Israel Segarra (Goju-kai), Prof. Wally Jay (Small Circle Jiu-jitsu), O’Sensei Harold Howard (Jiu-jitsu), Grandmaster Olaf Simon (Kempo), Grandmaster Denis R. Decker (Chi Ling Pai Kempo). E MAIL

Joseph Lumpkin - Soke Shinsei Hapkido
a Christian based martial arts system. He has been training in martial arts since 1972. Joseph holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Hapkido, Third degree in Akayama Ryu Jujistu under its founder, Mark Barlow, as well as Second Degree Black Belts in Shotokan Karate, and Kodokan Judo. He currently trains with Mark Barlow, head of Akayama Ryu and Chris Dewey, USA Judo coach. He is guided and backed by Ian Cyrus, head of Cho Son Do and head student of Master Ji Han Jae, the father of Hapkido. Joseph Lumpkin received his Doctorate of Ministry from Battlefield Baptist Institute.He is currently the C.E.O. of the worldwide youth outreach, Karate for Christ. His organization has over 7000 members in 26 countries.
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Avelino R. Mayoral- Soke San Dai
Soke San Dai, Hanshi Mayoral, Judan 10th Dan Black Belt
Hanshi, Avelino R. Mayoral, Soke San Dai, Judan, 10th Dan Black Belt, Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu. Begain his training in Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu in January of 1965. He is a direct practitioner of the late, Ph.D Louis Fried, Soke Ni Dai Judan, 10th Dan Black Belt. Hanshi, Mayoral gained the position of Soke San Dai in November 1991 after the death of Louis Fried. Ph.D Louis Fried was a direct practitioner of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu founder, Soke Sho Dai, Kenwi Tasuki. Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu was founded by Soke Sho Dai Tasuki in 1920.

Dr. E.A. Moore- Soke
Dr. Moore is the founder and president of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame the oldest martial arts Hall of Fame in existence.
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Dr. Larry Sanders- Soke
Dr. Larry Sanders is the founder of Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts. He has over four decades of martial arts experience and is a multi-time inductee in the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.
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Grandmaster Steve Otstot - Tae Kwon Do 9th Dan
     Grandmaster Steve Otstot has been in the Martial Arts over 30 years and has a 9th  Degree Black Belt in Taekwon Do and 4th.  Degree Black Belt in Hapkido.  He is the Chief Instructor for the Martial Arts for the Handicapable Inc, Vice President of the Tactical Hapkido Alliance, Vice President of the Pylsung Do Federation, on the Board of the World Wide Kickboxing Federation, and Director of Handicapable Self Defense in the World Budo Alliance. He is a corner judge for the Keystone International Kickboxing Association located in Mechanicsburg, Pa. and the World Wide Kickboxing Federation located in Rochester New York.  He is also on the board for the Pennsylvania Referee’s Association
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Robert Reece Soke- Founder Raiondo Goju

Reece developed Raiondo-goju to incorporate his 25 years experiences in the arts. He started Chippawa Martial Arts in 1995,and was re-certified as a United States Combat Martial Arts instructor and promoted. He has trained in Japanese, Okinawian and Chinese Goju-ryu,Chito ryu, Chinese Kempo, Jujitsu,Tai chi chuan, kobuto, knife & cane, and is a member of Neko-do systems of Goju-ryu, Tanren Goju-ryu. Member Latin American Grandmasters & Soke Council, Inc (LAGSC)and Board member of International Martial Arts Association.
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Professor Dave Shelton Soke- Founder Matsumura Soken Do

He was the second American to receive the Shihan (Master) Instructor Certificate from O'Sensei Hohan Soken in October 1969.  And he is the founder of Shorin Ryu Matsumura Soken Do.  He was also the first authorized Instructor to teach Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito, outside of Okinawa, in November 1969.He was a top competitor on the Gulf Coast 1970-1975, and began officiating in 1970.  Since then he has acted as Chief Judge, Chief Referee, Tournament Official, Tournament Director, Weapons Advisor, and Special Guest, for numerous national tournaments.
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 Mark Shuey Soke- Founder Cane Masters
Soke Shuey has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He has a Master's Certification with USNKA (United States National Karate Assoc.), ATAMA (American Teacher's Assoc. of the Martial Arts), USMA (United States Martial Arts Association), as well as the Independent Karate School Association. Mark is also the Head of Cane Instruction and Nevada State Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation.
Cane Masters 

Kyoshi Robert Sterling Soke- Kuma- Ryu Karate-Jutsu

Professor Alan Thornton Soke- Founder Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai thorntonProfessor Thornton's personal philosophy of martial art training is very traditional in its approach for 'Quality rather than Quantity' - stressing the essential value of a good respectful attitude towards your fellow martial artists and society in general. Thus, as you gradually advance and fully develop in your training, you should become much more balanced, self-disciplined, respectful, peaceful and in full harmony within your body, mind and spirit.

Lawrence Valadez Soke- Valadez Kenpo-Ryu

Sensei Valadez is the founder of the Martial Art system Known as Valadez Kenpo-Ryu., a system that is recognized by the International Sungja Do Association, Korea Do Christian Martial Arts Association, World Federation of Universal Combat Systems, Tamashii Ryu Kempo Karate Do & Kobudo Federation Inc., World Headmaster and Sokeship Union, American College of Martial Science, Independent Martial Arts Federation, and the Cobra Martial Arts Association. He holds a 6th Dan in his own system and rejects the idea that system founders should automatically hold 10th Dan Black Belts.
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